Property Resources Corporation (PRC) is one of the largest owners and financiers of credit leases in the nation, owning real estate in 40 states. PRC has arranged for more than three billion dollars of private corporate debt.

Clients include: Pizza Hut McDonalds Taco Bell Dunkin' Donuts Burger King

Investors include: GE Berkshire Hathaway Citi

Founded in 1970 by Joseph and Martha Bagby, PRC is a privately held company dedicated to helping smaller businesses find capital to grow through maximizing real estate assets.

"The sale leaseback provides an effective means for a corporation to maintain liquidity and raise operating capital through often under-valued assets. The sale leaseback has many tax and other financial benefits for the corporation."

- Joseph Bagby

The Bagbys attribute their success to their conservative, long-term investment strategy. Despite the current economic downturn, PRC has seen no defaults on any of its investments.